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The off club: Using boredom to generate deep reflection and re-centering your brain


Technology, particularly social media, games, and notifications result in to trigger dopamine release in our brains. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. The constant influx of notifications and updates can lead to a cycle of seeking short-term rewards, which can contribute to addictive behaviors. Ironically, while technology connects us virtually, it can also lead to social disconnection, and feeling of isolation. Excessive use of digital devices can interfere with face-to-face interactions, reducing the quality of our relationships and social skills. Boredom, while often perceived negatively, can be a powerful tool for mental clarity, creativity, and overall well-being. In our tech-saturated world, learning to tolerate and even embrace boredom is crucial for regaining control over our brains.  During our off-line Coaching Retreat, you will learn to tolerate boredom, and generate deep reflection and use it as a tool for mental clarity and growth. Regaining control of your brain in a tech-driven world involves conscious effort and consistent practice, but the benefits to your mental health and overall well-being are well worth it. If you feel you are on autopilot and not the driver of your life, this off-club is the right thing to gain awareness and strategies to get you on the driver’s seat again.


  • Starts 31 Oct
  • From 2,390 euros
  • Rio do Prado, Óbidos

12 spots left

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