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People walking on a path surrounded by nature
  • • Unique combination of health walks with a focus on movement - awareness enthusiasm through walking and Qigong in nature.

    • Cooperation partner boutique hotel in the mountains in a secluded location directly in the walking area

    • Responsible travel from start to finish - regional cuisine, plastic-free, spring water, solar energy

    • Coaching for upcoming transition after the trip on request

  • • Qigong in the garden 
    • Breakfast
    • Walks
    • Lunch (outdoor picnic)
    • Midday nap 

    Individual program:
    • Lounging/ Massage (extra cost) / Jacuzzi / Forest bathing /  Meditation / Coaching 1:1. 
    • 5 o'clock tea time (tea, coffee, cake, cheese)
    • Dinner
    • Possibility for impulse lecture / wine / enjoyment / reflection / story telling / reading / workshop

  • HealthScapes are open to all levels of ability and groups are often a wide mix from beginners to more experienced walkers.

    The focus of HealthScapes is on conscious walking with all the senses - pausing and feeling the body (exercises). We walk for 3-4 hours each day with short breaks and a picnic (45 minutes) 5.5km/h average.

  • Single travellers are very welcome on our health breaks. Our groups are always a mix of single travellers, friends, couples and family members. So there is always the possibility to make new friends or to be as quiet and peaceful as you like. You decide.

  • Non-hiking partners are always welcome at a slightly reduced rate.

  • All food offered on our HealthScapes is vegetarian. However, meat or fish dishes are available. Special diets can be accommodated at any time. Please specify when booking.

  • Alcohol is available at an additional cost. Honesty bar (with paper and pen) available.

  • • Daypack (approx. 15 litres)
    • Ankle-high, well broken-in walking shoes 
    • Sticks (if needed)
    • Seat cushion
    • Drink bottle
    • Rain jacket / rain cape / umbrella
    • Sun protection
    • Sunglasses
    • Swimwear
    • Comfortable clothes for Qigong and meditation

  • Transfers and travel to the hotel Travel is not included. You are responsible for your own travel arrangements, whether it be flights, trains, bus or car journeys. We are happy to advise you.

    Transfers to and from the airport are available at an additional cost.

  • Extra nights It is usually possible to extend your stay at the venue. Extra nights in Lisbon or Porto on request.

  • Our Payment terms are a 30% deposit at the time of booking and final payment onsite.

  • Free Wifi in all rooms and living areas.

  • There are no TV sets in the rooms.
    We are happy to accept mobile phones, tablets, laptops for a specific agreed time to enable digital Fastening.

  • If you have any concerns or problems that arise during your HaelthScape, please contact us directly. It is always best to do this during the HealthScape if possible so that we can try to resolve the issue on the spot. Contact Marion (Walksperia) or Marta (at TheVagar) in the first instance.

  • Yes, full board (breakfast, picnic, five o'clock tea time, dinner). Spring water is available free of charge everywhere.

  • Minimum 2 and maximum 8

  • It is the individual's responsibility to take out general travel insurance.

  • TheVagar is an idyll in the mountains. There are sporadic mosquitoes, flies and
    ticks, but more in the summer months. Boneca is the hosts' dog, not allowed indoors.

  • In Belmonte, 2 km by car

  • By flight
    Flight to Porto or Lisbon
    TAP Portugal

    To the hotel by rental car or private pick-up service (extra cost). Duration 2,5 hours drive.

    By train (IC 543)
    From Lissapbon Oriente Station direct to Belmonte 3 times daily direct connection I Duration 3:48 I

    To hotel by rental car or private pick-up service (extra cost).

    From Porto (duration 7-8 hours)

    By train from Germany/Switzerland:

    The Flixbus journey from Frankfurt HBF to Lisbon (Lisboa Oriente) takes 1 day, 20 hours.

  • Getting to know the participants
    Wishes, ideas, expectations
    On-site procedure , Packing list, Weather, Fitness level

  • Qi stands for life energy, gong means work or exercise. By means of movement, breathing and meditation exercises, blockages in the energy pathways of the body, the meridians, are to be released in order to get the Qi flowing again in the body.

    Qigong is a meditative self-healing method in movement. Qigong helps to achieve more self-awareness, relaxation and health in a holistic way. Everybody can learn it, because it is a very soft method of special adaptability.

  • TheVagar- Countryhouse, Belmonte
    Serra da Esperança
    6250-011 Belmonte - Portugal
    (+351) 916 097 415 

  • Belmonte is one of 27 shist villages in inland Portugal. They have been specially protected since 2018 and are a nice change from our Seaside Escape.

  • 4 nights 5 days, including 4 meals and five o'clock tea, daily Qigong exercises, daily health walks, Jaccuzzi, daily walking and sitting meditation, readings/workshops.

    Couple - One Double Room - 1750€

    Single Occupancy - 1100€

    Shared Room - 850€

    (excluding flight, transport to hotel)

    To know about our cancelation policy visit our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions Page 

  • Walksperia carefully selects small, locally run venues in areas close to nature, away from mass tourism.
    All accommodation is family-run and closely connected to the local community.
    The food at our HealthScapes is prepared from vegetables, fruit, cheese and bread grown on the surrounding land at each location or sourced from local producers. André's home-grown  and killed wild boar at TheVagar is a culinary highlight.

    All of our sites use renewable energy and a sustainable water supply. TheVagar has its own spring water, which is available to you throughout your stay.

    Here you can independently calculate the CO2 emissions of your flight and donate if necessary:

    Walksperia actively supports the NGO Associação de Defesa do Paul de Tornada - PATO

    Walksperia has a cooperation with the local company in Sao Martinho (Seaside Escape)
    Portuguese cooking classes and language lesson

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our Escapes and Coaching services. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!


  • You decide what is good for you. We recommend that you try it at least once.

  • Documented analogously with the help of paper and pen and honesty by room number.

  • On request - we recommend that you do not change the bath and shower towels or bed linen for the entire stay.

  • The beds are so comfortably furnished - everything has already been thought of. However, allergen-free pillows are available on request.

  • The hikes are designed for 3-4 hours per day, approx. 10-15km. It is not about distance, but about intensive and profound hiking in nature with all senses. There will be a health exercise with a special focus (feet, heart etc.).

  • There is an individual programme for everyone. We recommend a coffee and a nap after returning home. 

  • We are happy to take your smartphone, tablet etc. and support digital fasting if you wish. We recommend booking 1:1 coaching on the topic of digital fasting and how it can be implemented sustainably in everyday life. 
    Giving it away on holiday is easy - but putting it away in everyday life is not.

  • A free 30-minute initial consultation with Marion can be scheduled in advance or on-site. Just ask.

During your Escape

Book your next exclusive guided tour
Book your 1:1 coaching session
  • Google At Walksperia directly (WhatsApp, email)

  • Marion offers individual 1:1 coaching (remotely) and Qigong exercises via video.
    We recommend the first conversation two weeks after the HealthScape and another one 4 weeks later. Bookings by email to

    Costs: 110.-Euro / 60 minutes 

  • Whether dissatisfaction/anxiety in the current job/job search or upcoming retirement/retirement - there is always a need for active listening and professional guidance during a change.

    Often 3-4 sessions are enough. 
    (If there are no mental illnesses that should only be treated by competent psychotherapists or psychologists).

  • I don't have the time / money for a Portugal HealthScape with Walksperia now, but I am facing a change or am currently standing in my own way. Can I book without experiencing the HealthScape?

    Absolutely. For a free initial consultation (30min) please email me:

After your Escape

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