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Group of people hiking in nature during a Nature Escape


Your 4 Day HealthScape includes morning Qigong classes and health hikes, individual afternoon activities (bathtub, massage, jaccuzzi), healthy home-made vegetarian menu.
Group of people practicing morning Qi Gong with Walksperia

Guest wake-up

Morning Qigong


Table with breakfast at TheVagar during the Nature Escape


Pack lunch bag


Group of people on hiking trail with Walksperia during the Nature Escape

Health Hike

9am 12pm

Walksperia grey lunch bag


1pm 2pm

Room at TheVagar Belmonte

Nap Time


Men relaxing on a bathtub surrounded by nature on the Nature Escape

Individual Afternoon Program


Table at tea time in TheVagar during the Walksperia Nature Escape

High Tea


Typical Portuguese food Cozido à Portuguesa


7pm 9pm

By participating in these health hiking tours, guests have the chance to explore and experience new things in a new setting. The central part of Portugal is characterized by its remote green environment, providing a peaceful and rejuvenating backdrop for these activities. The well-balanced program of activities and rest phases allows guests to reflect and pause for a while, promoting relaxation and self-discovery.

The health hiking tours offered by Walksperia provide numerous benefits. Firstly, hiking is an excellent form of exercise that promotes physical fitness and overall well-being. The diverse terrain of the region offers various levels of difficulty, catering to both beginners and experienced hikers. Moreover, walking amidst the lush greenery and picturesque scenery can be a meditative experience, allowing individuals to connect with themselves and their surroundings.

Day 5

  • Offboarding with the last Qigong session

  • Departure

Day 4


90 m

40 m

2,5 hours

9 km

​Start from TheVagar at 9am 

  • Gentle Leisure & Pleasure Hike I Local Cheese Museum & Winery 

Day 3


510 m

510 m

4 hours

13 km

​Start from TheVagar at 9am 

  • Health Hike I  Heart Health and beyond I MINDFULNESS

Day 2


230 m

370 m

4 hours

16 km

​Start from TheVagar at 9am

  • Health Hike  I Kissing the Earth with your Feet I QI GONG

Day 1


160 m

160 m

2 hours

6 km

​Start from TheVagar at 3pm 

  • Arrival in Belmonte I TheVagar

  • Onboarding Walk & Talk I SENSORY Foot WALK

Group of people walking on a path surrounded by nature
Path of rocks in small pond
Person doing a foot massage during a hike
Group pf people practicing Qi Gong during the Nature Escape
Per person
Excl. Transportation to hotel

From 1 100€

Total Package

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