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A long stretch of beach on the Silver Coast of Portugal


Group of people practicing morning Qi Gong with Walksperia

Guest wake-up

Morning Qigong



Pack lunch bag


Health Hike


Walksperia grey lunch bag

Picnic (outdoor)


Nap Time - Free Time


Mindful Body Restore




Good Night Meditation


Join our small group of max 8 people and practice morning qigong, gentle health hikes by the Atlantic coastline or by the Óbidos lagoon. Enjoy an outdoor picnic (light lunch) and a naptime afterwards. There will be changing activities/workshops in nature.

This new program focusses on mindful body practice and includes Health Hiking along Portugal’s coast. We will get to know each other, you will get to know yourself and explore different mindful body exercises which you can practice at home after the retreat. We will hike together, we will be silent together, we will laugh and dance together.

8 people maximum

Rio do Prado, Óbidos

Lagoon & Seaside

3 Days Mindful Body Retreat

The seaside location allows you to feel the fresh sea breeze and hear the waves of the Atlantic as you walk along the sandy beaches. The gentle sound of the sea and the salty air can be very calming and relaxing.


Health hiking on the coast can be a refreshing, invigorating and inspiring experience. It allows you relax and do something for your physical and mental health at the same time.

Men on óbidos lagoon  in the silver coast of portugal
Large sandy beach with cliffs on the Silver Coast of Portugal
Excl. Transportation to hotel
3 day retreat, double room (double occupancy)
700€ per person

Total Package

3 day retreat, double room (single occupancy)
980€ per person 
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